So Many Milestones, So Many Precious Memories.

So Many Milestones, So Many Precious Memories

Now I don’t know about you, but I class myself as a bit of a hoarder when it comes to keepsakes.  Special Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards from loved ones, Anniversary cards….the list goes on.  I keep them all!! How can I possibly choose which ones to throw away?  And now to add to the mix, children’s birthday cards, first doodles, drawings, the first time they write their name. So many milestones, so many precious memories and I want to keep them all!!  

Now, I know this is slightly ridiculous and I cannot possibly keep all of these things.  Inevitably, as each year passes another Birthday comes along, new milestones are reached and with that comes all of the things I need to keep hold of.  I’m not sure when this all started, but I know it has something to do with the realisation that the children are growing so fast and there is nothing I can do about!  Life has also taught me to hold on to those things we hold close.  I know only too well that one day a loved one may not be here to celebrate with me and these keepsakes are the only thing I have left.  So for me, it is important.  For me, these things mean everything and I find it hard to let them go.

Having children has meant that the keepsakes have grown.  Like any new Mummy, I have tried to record all of their precious milestones and keep things that mark special moments in their lives.  Their hospital name band, a locket of hair from their first haircut, handprints from that first day at Nursery. All of the things that cannot be done again, all of the things that celebrate a small step towards them growing up.  


So what do I do with them?

Like many of us, I have a special keepsake box for the little ones, where first outfits, cards and pictures are kept.  The plan is to create a special book, scanning and saving their drawings onto the computer, to eventually print out and keep.  I have also kept a selection of their first baby clothes,  that I cannot bear to part with.  These will eventually be made into patchwork memory blankets and given to the children to use.  First doodles will be cast into silver and their prints are displayed all over my house. 

Other keepsakes may have remained hidden in drawers, special keepsake boxes, and looked at only when discovered during a clear up, or at times I needed them most.  They take me back to times that have passed, bring back happy memories and give me comfort.  Fortunately, I am very lucky to be in a position where I can create beautiful keepsakes from all of these things.  

From capturing hand and footprints from the newest members of the household to making jewellery ‘In Loving Memory‘ for those that can no longer be with us, we do it all.  First doodles and writing can be captured and displayed in a number of ways, whilst wording and messages from loved ones can be captured in silver for you to cherish and hold close forever. 

So, with new beginnings upon us, that first day at Nursery or School, take a moment to capture this milestone so you can remember just how little they were.  If you have something special that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, get in touch (  Creating keepsakes is what we do best and we would love to create something special for you.

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