Shop Small This Christmas

I have decided to shop small this Christmas, and by that I don’t mean minimal gifting.  So, what does it mean to shop small? For me, shopping small means supporting local, independent businesses and brands.  As a small business owner myself this is something that is super important to me and something I am really passionate about.  There are so many reasons why I believe you should shop small this Christmas, too many to list, so here are just a few..…

1. Find unique, one-of-a-kind gifts

Alongside the magic of Christmas, time with the family, eating ridiculous amounts of food and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, Christmas is a time for giving.  For me, there is nothing better than watching the people you love open gifts and that look on their face when they see what’s inside.  However, one thing I do not enjoy is trying to find that perfect gift.  How do you find something for the man who has everything? How do I know they haven’t already got it?

Independent businesses offer unique, one-of-a -kind gifts that you won’t find in high street stores.  Thoughtful gifts are the best type of gifts and by shopping small you are sure to find something perfect for even the most difficult of family members!  For me, I love creating bespoke orders for customers and helping create something personalised and truly unique.  You know there will not be duplicate presents sitting under the tree when you shop small!

2. Excellent customer service

Small businesses are all about the customer, as without you guys we wouldn’t exist.  There’s no big marketing budget to get word out there, so for many of us, word-of-mouth, reviews and recommendations really do mean so much.  Small businesses get to know their customers, we can listen and adapt to meet your needs and really get it right.

The key to a small business is just that – small.  That means you get a more personable service and get to know the face behind the brand.  Not only do we deal with every order that comes through our doors, we are also involved in many, if not every, aspect of the process.  From designing, making, packing and posting your orders, it’s all on me.  I lovingly deal with each stage of your order and will only let it leave our doors when I am 100% satisfied that it meets my high expectations and standards.

3. Become part of the story

When you shop from a small, independent business you become part of our story.  Not only are you supporting a family, you are supporting a dream.

I would love you to join me in shopping small and supporting independent businesses this Christmas.  Here are some of the brands that are on my wish list, both for myself and my little ones, this year:

I hope I have inspired you to shop small this Christmas and would love to be on your wish list this year!!

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