Print-taking and Chatter

I often wonder if people understand what I am talking about when I advertise about my upcoming print-taking events.  I mean, I’m sure many people do have an idea, as these are often very well attended.  However, I thought it was about time I actually sat down and explained a bit about what goes on at these Ickle Pickle Print-taking Events.  What does print-taking entail? What are you actually signing up for when you book an appointment?  As the title suggests, print-taking and chatter are what I am all about and I’m here to tell you more.


Why attend a print-taking session?

Taking your little ones prints is what I do best. Having started the business some four (4) years ago I have since taken many a print.  From newborns to the elderly, stubborn toddlers and stroppy teens, I have done it all.  So, if you find the idea of taking your little ones prints a little daunting then I am more than happy to help.

It is also really nice to be able to take a look at the products in real-life, especially if you are un-decided and a little over-whelmed with the choice.  Pick them up, try them on.  I am always on hand to help point you in the right direction and am more than happy to give you advice based on your requirements.  I often find that people attend events with a piece they would like me to replicate, an idea they would like transformed into reality, and I am more than happy to help.


What happens at a typical print-taking event?

There are two main types of events that I do.

The first is by-appointment.  These events require you to book prior to attending.  I will typically book 30 minute appointment slots giving you enough time to look at everything, get your little ones prints taken and ask any questions you may have.  These will often take place at a regular soft play or shop venues, as well as the occasional print taking event from my home.

The second involves you just taking a look at my upcoming events page and coming along. No booking necessary.  Take a look at some of my work, ask me anything you want and just come and have a chat.  If you want your little ones prints taken on the day I can usually accommodate this and love nothing more than meeting new people and getting to meet you and your little ones.


How do you take prints?

Hand & Footprints:  Taking your little one’s prints is completely mess free and super quick, using our baby safe inkless wipes.  This basically involves wiping your little ones hand or foot with a wipe (nothing different to what looks like a wet wipe), and pressing it down onto our special coated paper.  Little ones are always amazed at how prints magically appear and adults are equally amazed at how easy and quick it really is.

Fingerprints: Think of play dough and you are halfway there.  Our moulding material is rolled into little balls ready for a fingerprint to be pressed into it.  Just like play dough it starts off squishy but then sets to retain the impression of the print.  I will often take a few moulds and select the best one.  This is also a very quick and straight forward process, even with the wriggliest of little people.


So, if you are local in the Bristol area, and would like to come along for print-taking and chatter, please check out my upcoming events.  I would love to see you there!!