Life is a Juggle


For many of us life is a juggle.  However, the Summer Holidays are well and truly underway which means the kids are home from School, Pre-School has come to an end, and we have six weeks to entertain them (mainly in the rain, may I add!!)  As well as keeping our little ones alive, out of trouble, entertained and fed, we must also juggle the daily grind of household chores, holding down work, maintaining relationships and all that comes in-between!!

Now, for me, having two little ones under school age (until September – sob, sob) means that the Summer Holidays is not such a massive change to our daily routine.  However, what it does mean is that I now have two children to entertain EVERY day and any routine that we did have has well and truly gone out of the window.  For many of us Mums (and Dads) though, it is not just the Summer Holidays that brings our juggling skills under strain.  Every day life can often feel like a massive juggling act and the guilt that comes with that can sometimes feel overwhelming.

As a perfectionist by nature I always like to give anything I do my all.  I’m definitely an all-or-nothing kind of girl.  However, the reality is, this is not always possible.  Since becoming a Mum I feel like this has never been more true, as I often find myself torn between the many roles I have in my life.  A Mum, Wife, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Business Owner, Cleaner, Cook….the list goes on. Juggling all of these roles, whilst trying to maintain a sense of self, time for me, sometimes feels impossible.  That paired with a huge dollop of guilt can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Getting it right…

Now don’t get me wrong, there are weeks when I feel like I am winning.  The kids go to bed on time, washed and ready for a new day, the house feels up together (as much as this is possible), I get to catch up with a friend or two (on the phone at least anyway!), orders come in and my work gets done before midnight! It does happen and it can be done.  However, there are also the days when I put the milk in the cupboard, the cereal in the fridge and completely forget to text anyone back!!  For me, I feel like there is always one ball that gets dropped.  Work, relationships, health & fitness, me time, children – I never perfectly get the balance right.  However, I have come to realise that maybe there isn’t a perfect formula to getting the balance right.  Life is a juggle and maybe it will always be that way while the little ones are so small.

I know I am very lucky. I have THE most supportive husband, amazing family and forgiving friends.  They understand the juggling act – many are doing it themselves!  So, when I forget to send that Birthday card, rock up late to gatherings, randomly respond to week old messages, I know they have my back.  I also know that if I need them they would be there, as I would too.

So, what I am actually trying to say here is that putting ourselves under pressure to fulfil a thousand different roles at the same time is simply un-realistic.  Life is a juggle and sometimes we just need to put the juggling act on hold, put one ball down for a bit and concentrate on what is important at any given moment.  There will be weeks when you feel you have it right and weeks when you feel completely overwhelmed and nothing goes to plan.  Don’t be hard on yourself when this happens.  Usually, that’s when it is time to take a step-back, take a deep breath and start again.  I know we are Superwomen and all that, but even Superwoman needs a break.  So, think about what’s important, be kind to yourself and make time in the week just for you.