In Loving Memory

During times of loss being able to treasure precious and special memories is so important. With this in mind, we have developed an “In Loving Memory” range of jewellery designed to capture the precious prints of your loved one for you to cherish and keep close forever.

If you need a kit as a matter of priority:
We are sometimes asked to provide print kits to a hospital or home of somebody who is sick and where there is a need to receive a kit as soon as possible. This is absolutely no problem and we will work with you to ensure that a kit is sent out priority delivery in these situations. You simply need to contact us by phone or e-mail and we can arrange this for you.

It is also possible for us to send a kit out to Funeral Directors, who are usually happy to take prints on your behalf. Again, we are happy to accommodate this for you and liaise with the funeral director directly to facilitate this process.

If you have prints already…
You may already have had prints taken at the hospital, funeral directors or using a kit that you have purchased yourself. We are able to use these print to make a piece of In Loving Memory jewellery. You simply need to scan and e-mail a copy of the prints to us or if it’s a fingerprint mould send it in the post.

It’s always an honour to make such an important piece of jewellery. We will work with you every step of the way to make the process as seamless and stress free as possible to you.

Please contact us to discuss your options.