The Ickle Pickle Process

  1. Browse through our store and choose from our range of hand-made, engraved and printable keepsakes.
  2. Select your personalisation options, as required.
  3. Add the items to your basket and complete payment at checkout
  4. If you do not already have prints and have selected the ‘print kit’ option, this will be posted to you within two working days. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to take prints in the comfort of your own home and return via sending over a scanned copy, photograph or via the post.

For local customers, please book an appointment prior to ordering, by emailing, if you would like your prints to be taken by me.  I am happy to arrange print taking appointments for you to come to me at home, or pop along to a local event, where you can order and get help with choosing from our wide range of personalised items.

Please see ‘Deliveries‘ for details of our timescales and estimated turn-around times.


Fingerprint shooting star pendantThe Fingerprint Process:
Fingerprint jewellery captures your loved ones unique impressions, made by the ridge formations and patterns found on your fingertips.

To capture this unique impression two different coloured balls of putty are mixed evenly  together, allowing the finger to be pressed into it.  Upon removing the finger after about 30 seconds, a unique pattern of the fingerprint is left imprinted.  This mould should then be left to stand until it has hardened and will be transformed into your chosen piece of jewellery.

Please note, while hand and footprints can be taken from birth, fingerprints may not be clearly defined until 6 months of age.  However, if the whorls are not very clear the indentation is still very much unique and personal to your child.


Double Cascading Hand-Footprint Charm - LargeHand & Footprint Jewellery:
Hand and footprints are captured using inkless wipes, which are then reduced in size and cast into fine silver, preserving the fine details of your loved ones prints for a lifetime.Our ‘magic inkless wipe kits’ enable you to take a gorgeous print of your loved ones hand or footprint, using an inkless wipe and special coated paper, which is non-toxic and completely mess free.Prints can be taken from anyone, at any age, and transformed into jewellery of your choice. Please note, if you already have hand or footprints and would like these to be used, please select this option under ‘Print Options’ for the product of your choice.  I can accept scanned copies and clear photographs of prints.