How To Take The Perfect Prints

Blog Post - How to take the perfect prints


In over three years since my journey began with Ickle Pickle Prints I have taken many prints.  Handprints, footprints, fingerprints and paw prints.  Prints from babies as young as 4 days old, all the way up through the generations.  Here at Ickle Pickle Prints I often get asked the best way to take prints.   So, below are my Top Tips on how to take the perfect prints, using our inkless wipe kits.

Top Tips:

  • If you are using the wipe on a small child, it is best to do so when they are in a calm mood or sleeping. Preferably with someone else to help you!
  • Before you start: Place the special paper on a hard surface, for example a hard back book or a tray.  Lightly taping (or blue tack) the corners can help to stop the paper moving about.
  • Using the wipe: Wipe over the whole area that is being printed. A gentle wipe to cover the area is enough. Wiping too much may result in less definition.
  • Excessive pressure whilst taking the prints will result in a darker print with less details. Just be firm enough to ensure the body part (i.e. hand/foot) has fully made contact with the page.
  • Handprints are the trickiest, especially for young babies. Get someone to help you take the prints and if you are still struggling, opt for footprints. Footprints are far easier to take from babies and look just as cute!
  • How to take the perfect prints – FOR HANDPRINTS – Roll hand from base of palm to fingers onto the special paper whilst holding the fingers uncurled. Hold for 5-10 seconds then move the hand straight up and away from the paper. This will be easier with another person helping.
  • How to take the perfect prints – FOR FOOTPRINTS – Hold the child’s ankle and press gently but firmly onto the special paper rolling if from heel to toes. Hold for 5-10 seconds then move the foot straight up and away from the paper.
  • How to take the perfect prints – FOR PAW PRINTS – Ensure each pad has been covered with the wipe. Place the paw onto the paper, press down firmly and hold for 2 – 3 seconds if possible then lift straight up and away. I find it easier to take paw prints if I have the paper slightly elevated on a hard surface such as a large book, this way when you place the paw onto the paper the animal will not be weight bearing on that leg and you should have a bit more control. Also, if there is a lot of hair in between the pads this may need to be trimmed to ensure you get a print containing all of the pads.
  • Don’t panic about any small smudges or imperfections!  These can be removed during the editing process.
  • Take as many prints as you can to cover the page, and mark your favourite with a star. I will send you an A4 page which you can print on as many times as you wish.  We will use your favourite print to create your keepsake. If you do not have a preference, I will choose the best one for you!


People often worry that they will not be able to take a good print for our products and that this will be a hard task!  However, if you follow these top tips on how to take the perfect prints, this should not be the case.  Our inkless wipes are baby safe and mess-free.  They take the hassle and mess out of print taking and our step-by-step instructions that are included with every kit help make this process as straight forward as possible.  It is very rare that we get prints that we are unable to work with, so please don’t panic! If you are really not happy with the prints you have taken there is an option to buy our inkless wipe kits on the website for additional use.

Print-Taking Events:  If you are local and live in the Bristol area, please don’t forget that I run regular print taking sessions.  During these sessions I will take your little ones prints for you.  Our events are very popular and often require a pre-booked appointment.  You can take a look at our upcoming print sessions and book by checking out our upcoming events.

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