Hand-made Vs Engraved

Handmade Vs Engraved: What you need to know when making your choice


Here at Ickle Pickle Prints we work hard to offer our customers choice.  The chance to choose between a wide range of products, designs and styles, to help create something truly unique – that’s right for you.  However, with choice come decisions (lots of them!) and the difficult task of making the right one.

So, here are my top tips of things to consider when deciding between our hand-made and engraved jewellery.


Handmade Vs Engraved: What you need to know when making your choice…..

1.  How often would you like to wear your special jewellery?

Our hand-made jewellery is made from 99.9% silver, called fine silver, and is suitable for every day wear.  The prints on our hand-made range are stamped deep into the silver and pick up details and definition from each individual print. However, our jewellery is precious and care must be taken when wearing it.  As fine silver is softer than sterling silver it may scratch and lose detail over time if continually rubbed or knocked against hard surfaces.

All of the items in our engraved range are designed to be kept as a keepsake or are for occasional wear. Because each piece is surface engraved it does mean that if worn regularly there is a likelihood it may get rubbed or knocked which could cause the print to fade and become scratched resulting in loss of detail on the print.


2.  How prominent would you like the design?

The process for our hand-made jewellery involves stamping the print deep into each piece of silver and hand-stamping text on the front, to produce a defined, clear image.  The definition of the print and text is then enhanced by a process of blackening, to bring out all of the details.  The designs on our hand-made jewellery result in a detailed finish that is dark and prominent in design.

If you are looking for a more subtle, delicate finish, then our engraved jewellery is for you.  Each piece of jewellery is surface engraved with your loved ones prints, writing or wording of your choice.  This creates a fine, white finish, which catches the light in a unique way and displays the design in a subtle, elegant way.


3.  How much time do you have?

Our hand-made jewellery involves a long process of print editing, designing, stamp making, sanding, firing and polishing to get to the finished product.  Each item is made entirely by hand and is completely unique to you.  However, this does mean that turn-around times are around 3-4 weeks from the date we get your prints back in the studio.

Our engraved range is typically a lot quicker process, as your prints and designs are surface engraved with a machine onto your chosen item.  Turnaround times for our engraved range are around 2 weeks.  Please note, timescales may be extended during our busiest periods.

I completely understand that with the little ones around, time passes in the blink of an eye and before you know it that special birthday has already arrived, leaving little time to arrange the perfect gift.  If this is the case, then our gift kits make a great alternative, allowing you to give a beautifully presented gift kit with a gift card and print taking materials for the recipient to choose their own perfect keepsake. Alternatively, our express delivery service will significantly reduce our turn-around times and for just £15 extra, may allow you to get that perfect gift, just in time!


Whatever you decide, both our hand-made and engraved jewellery are lovingly designed and created in-house to create unique designs, finished to the highest standards and made with loving care.  If you have any questions about either of these ranges, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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