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So, the Easter holidays are over and it’s my girls last term at Pre-School.  I can’t quite believe where the time has gone and that soon we will be saying our final goodbye to her Pre-School to start school.  A place where she has met new friends, grown in confidence and really started to grow into a beautifully little character with a mind of her own.  I am so so proud of how far she has come since starting there over two years ago.  A sensitive soul and born worrier (just like her Mummy).  Changes are coming and I know this is going to be hard.

School places were announced last week and reality has just hit home!  After a long night of waiting up to log on to find out the results, I eventually fell asleep some time after midnight after the server crashed for the 100th time.  It seemed that everyone had waited up with the same idea!  I woke up still not knowing the outcome and immediately logged on to only wait again for what seemed like forever.  Anyway, the results were out and we had secured Ruby’s second choice.  I’m not quite sure how I felt about it – deflated, sad, nervous, excited – lots of emotions rolled into one.  It wasn’t the fact that we didn’t get her first choice, more the reality that she would actually be starting school. I don’t know about her, but I certainly am not ready for this!!

When I think about Ruby starting school, her first day – it makes me feel sad.  I feel like if I shut my eyes I can go right back to the day she was born.  I feel sad that nearly five years have passed by so quickly and I worry that I haven’t made the most of this precious time.  Now, deep down I know this isn’t true.  I know Mum guilt has a part to play in how I feel about this and I’m not sure that any of us get away without these feelings!  I just wish I could hit the pause button and stay in this moment in time with her forever.  Don’t get me wrong, some days bedtime couldn’t come soon enough and by the end of the day I am pulling my hair out.  But, all is forgotten as I put her to bed and read her bedtime story, with the realisation that life is not always going to be this way.

So, I have made a promise to myself.  To make the most of every moment and capture memories – lots of them.  I started my business when Ruby was very small to do just this, whilst helping others to do the same.  We have handprints and footprints everywhere and I love seeing how much she has grown.  Now, as she gets older she inspires new and exciting designs.  First scribbles that have developed into drawings and the first formation of letters that now resemble words.  I love being able to capture all these amazing milestones and have started adding to our range of ‘Doddles & Wording‘ to reflect this stage in her life.

Through mixed emotions over these last few weeks I have come to realise one important thing.  I want to focus on what we have to look forward to, rather than looking back with sadness at the things that become forever changed.  I want to live in the moment now and enjoy every minute of it.  As she prepares to finish this last chapter at Pre-School, a new and exciting big adventure awaits.  New challenges, new friends, a new beginning in her little life.  Changes are on the horizon, but for now and always I will remain her best friend, her Mummy and her biggest fan.

Leah x

P.S.  There are lots of new designs COMING SOON to our ‘Doodles & Wording‘ collection.  If you want  to see more follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes shots of these new pieces.  You can also join our mailing list to be the first to hear about our special offers and new products, or pop along to one of our upcoming events.

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