Starting School
So this is it, the time has finally come.  It’s 7.30pm and I am just sitting down after putting my baby girl to bed.  It is the night before starting school and all day there has been a sense of change in the air.  From the moment she woke up, […]

Starting School

Life is a Juggle - Blog
  For many of us life is a juggle.  However, the Summer Holidays are well and truly underway which means the kids are home from School, Pre-School has come to an end, and we have six weeks to entertain them (mainly in the rain, may I add!!)  As well as […]

Life is a Juggle

So this is it, as I sit here and write through blurry, wet eyes, it is officially R’s last day at Pre-School.  Soon I will be taking our last walk up to the brick building that now holds so many memories and waving ‘Goodbye.’  Goodbye to all of the little […]

Last Day at Pre-School

It was only a matter of time before it happened, and I hate to say it, but the terrible twos have well and truly arrived at the IPP household!  To be honest, pre-parenthood I never really thought the terrible twos were actually a ‘thing.’  However, when N turned two only […]

The Terrible Twos

The Home of Magical Creations
As I sat at home watching Dragon’s Den on TV and having just discovered Just For Tiny People (JFTP), the home of magical creations, I instantly fell in love.  Owner and entrepreneur Effie was showcasing her magical Teepees and I watched inspired and in awe of what she had achieved. […]

The Home of Magical Creations…

Blog - Changes
So, the Easter holidays are over and it’s my girls last term at Pre-School.  I can’t quite believe where the time has gone and that soon we will be saying our final goodbye to her Pre-School to start school.  A place where she has met new friends, grown in confidence […]

Changes: School choices are back & reality hits home

How to take the perfect prints
  In over three years since my journey began with Ickle Pickle Prints I have taken many prints.  Handprints, footprints, fingerprints and paw prints.  Prints from babies as young as 4 days old, all the way up through the generations.  Here at Ickle Pickle Prints I often get asked the […]

How To Take The Perfect Prints

Blog Post: Top 10 Best-sellers of 2016
So today is the last day to take advantage of our January sale!  It’s been a looooong month but payday has arrived and February is upon us.  If you are still thinking about treating yourself or getting that perfect gift, here is ‘Part Two’ of last years best-sellers…..Now with 20% […]

Part Two: Top Ten Best-Sellers of 2016

Blog Post - Top 10 Best-sellers of 2016
As part of our reflection on a fabulous 2016, we have come up with our ‘Top Ten Best-Sellers’ for last year.  With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in the not-so-distant future, hopefully this will give you some ideas and inspiration for gorgeous, unique gifts.  Not forgetting our special offer of […]

Part One: Top Ten Best-sellers of 2016

New Year, Fresh Start
I’m not quite sure what happened and it all seems like a bit of a blur.  But, one minute we were working like CRAZY to get all our orders completed and sent, we were working 14 hour days to get it all done and I thought the end was never […]

New Year, Fresh Start